Kerovnia is a 2.4.5 LPmud that was established in September of 1992.


G azing over an eternal expanse of lush, misty sea of leaves riding the waves of the winds throughout the cool, cloudy heavens, I watch the swaying of treetops. A wide valley living far below the dull with rocky ledges held tight upon the sheer walls of mountainous cliffs hums the soft music of small, pearl white doves flying in perfect harmony as their shimmering wings glide them smoothly above the lake of trees. Across the calm, peaceful valley below and far beyond the glittering sparkles of tumbling waters cascading on far cliff walls across the mirrored valley, a rising beam of dazzling, arcing colors spans the skies. The path of the great rainbow defines the blinding rays of the golden sun, splintering its shining lights into the intangible colors of its floating splendor.

T here are precious few times to which I allow my eyes, ears and soul take a brief, yet eternal moment towards my yearning heart. The essence of my flowing life embracing in whole without a looming shadow of the darkest nights waiting beyond the corners of the tranquil earth. There fewer moments still in which my breath itself holds a home so dear to my heart that I have no words from which it may pour forth in a manner where it can truly give one meaning a justice. Now my wanderlust filled eyes take again a beautiful hold upon the endless lands beyond the horizon and tingles of an adventure burst within the very fabric of my being. With so many words there is none to which I can describe Kerovnia to myself in whole. There is only this one word scribed within books of knowledge and philosophy, which comes closer than all others to me, Kerovnia, all who travel here and all who dwell within, home.

T he life light burns brightly within, fair travelers. Welcome to those who have missed the lands as much as I. Here, again, Kerovnia.

- Hyborea, Wanderer of the BrokenLands -

Copyright Daniel Lees
Rev 03/03/2022